Cursos Top 5 da Universidade de Aalto


A Aalto University, da Finlândia, divulga sua lista de 5 cursos destaques. Segue o texto recebido em língua inglesa.


Top 5 open online courses by Aalto University right now - (Clique para saber mais)

As most of us know, developing your skills and competencies is crucial to stay relevant in today's fast-paced working landscape. However, no matter if the underlying driver is your own interest, a supervisor’s request or simply to switch careers, lifewide learning is all about recognising the significant impact the ongoing changes will have on individuals,
society and organisations in the future. Read more [2] about why lifewide learning is so important to integrate in working life.

We have gathered the top 5 open online courses at Aalto University right now. Take a course and develop your skills in an easily accessible way at your own pace!

Design bits [3]
This is an introductory online course about design for non-designers: people who are curious about what design is, how designers work, and how to work with designers.

Future of Work [4]
What does the future working landscape look like? How will global megatrends transform the ways we work? This course allows you to gain relevant knowledge in how to design meaningful work and develop your own ways of working.

Sustainable Business [5]
It is more essential than ever for companies to take sustainability seriously. However, many business practitioners are struggling with how to respond to today’s sustainability
requirements. This course has been designed for understanding the growing role of sustainability in business.

FITech Network University [6]
FITech offers several open online courses on the basics of programming,blockchain, artificial intelligence or information security. All courses are provided through the FITech Network University and are open to everyone.

Finland works [7]
What are the characteristics of Finnish working life? How to succeed at work in Finland? Get familiar with the working culture in Finland and find ways to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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