UFRJ's history dates back to the begining of the XIX century and is filled with remarkable scientific, cultural and artistic accomplishments. Nowadays it is the 3rd best university in Brazil and the 7th best in Latin America (QS Rankings - 2018).    reitoria interno.jpg
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With many campuses and faculties scattered throughout Rio de Janeiro State, it comprises institutes, schools  and supplementary units, which include museums, hospitals and the third largest ocean basin in the world for research on offshore oil exploration.  


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The university has partnerships with several national and multinational enterprises, some of which have facilities on campus. Following a global trend, UFRJ establishes and maintains cooperative relationships with institutions from all continents, which now amounts to over 200 international institutions all over the world.



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Rio de Janeiro



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Rio is home to some of the best universities in Latin America, but as the student’s life is much more than studies, it is worth mentioning that the combination of geographic features – sea, mountains, forest – along with the warm welcoming from the locals make Rio de Janeiro a unique and incomparable city.


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Birthplace of samba and the traditional Carnaval, Rio exhales music of all genres and hosts several internationally renowned music festivals, art exhibitions, theatre and much more. 




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