After Arrival


In addition, upon arrival in Rio de Janeiro, preferably within 15 days prior to the beginning of classes, the exchange students must present themselves at the UFRJ International Affairs Office (DRI), with his/her passport and valid student visa.

Afterwards, the UFRJ International Affairs Office (DRI) hands out to the exchange students Presentation Letters, that must be presented by the student at the academic unit where he/she will undertake courses.


Visa Application Forms - received in the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate of the home country (original and copy).




Documents that will be required for the registration:


1- Completed the electronic form found at .

2- Valid original passport (original + 1 copy of all used pages). Please, be sure that it includes

the Brazilian visa and the stamp of entry in the country.

3- Two recent pictures 3x4, color, with bright white background.

4- Birth or marriage certificate or consular certificate (stating the parents’ name), when the

documents mentioned in item 2 do not bring information about the parentes’ name

(original and copy).

5- Receipt of payment of the fee “Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório” (R$ 204.77 -

Code 140120).

6- Student Visa (Original request for the student visa given by the Brazilian Consulate where

you requested your visa).

7- Proof of residence in Rio de Janeiro (please, request your landlord a copy of the electricity

bill or any bill with his name on it and a declaration stating that you have ranted his

appartment for the time of your Exchange Program in Rio). The declaration should be

signed by the landlord and notarized by a Brazilian authority found at a place called

“Cartório”. You should ask the landlord where you should go to have it notarized.

8- Scheduling the appointment at Federal Police by the PF website:



In order to obtain a residence permit for study purposes in Brazil for more than 90 days' stay, it is required, in addition to the documents mentioned above, that the student submit the following documents to the Federal Revenue Service:

1 - Proof of payment of the residence permit fee (R$ 168.13 - Code 140066)
2 - Criminal record certi
ficates or equivalent documents issued by the competent judicial authority from the place you have resided in the past five years (only certificates issued within 90 days prior to the application for registration with the Federal Police will be accepted).
3- A certificate of clearance, under the penalties of the law, of criminal records in any country in the past five years.*

4- Declaration of electronic address and other contacts.*
5- Documentation that proves the financial capacity of the person or those responsible for maintaining the interested person in Brazil during the period s/he intends to stay in the country, or proof that s/he was awarded a scholarship, when applicable.
6- Documentation proving the registration in the course intended, in the case of residence authorization due to regular enrollment (with start and end dates of the course).
7- Documentation proving that the applicant attends an undergraduate course at a foreign university, in case of residence authorization for an internship or for study or research exchange.
8- Indication of the person responsible for the child or teenager in Brazil, if applicable;*

9- A document that states that the immigrant is not connected to academic extension and/or research and/or teaching.*

FEES: website: GRU - Collecting Unit: Regional Superintendence of Rio de Janeiro R$ 168.13 (Processing and evaluation of applications for residence permits) - R$ 207.44 (Issuance of Immigrant Identity Card) "

* Visit this page to see example of some forms:



 It is important that the immigrant check thoroughly the information entered in the system so that there is no mistake in their National Immigration Registration Card (CNRM). Upon registration, you will receive a registration number that will work as your national identification number, which grants you all the rights applicable.



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