UFRJ's exchange program is possible through the establishment of agreements and partnerships with international higher education institutions.

We do not accept "free mover" students. 
In order to qualify for an exchange experience at UFRJ, students must contact their international offices for more info. 




The scale of accomplishment is represented by grades ranging from 0 to 10.

                                                           0 - 4.9 = fail 
                                                           5 - 10 = pass 

 Mandatory attendance equal or higher than 75%.

                                        1 UFRJ credit = 15 hours of study

                  1 ECTS is roughly equivalent to 25-30 hours of study, therefore:

                                              2 UFRJ credits = 1 ECTS



1st semester  (fall) March - July
2nd semester (spring) August - December


Summer vacations last approximately two months (Jan/Feb) and winter recess lasts about two weeks (July), depending on the course.



The course list offers all options for undergradute (graduação), master's degree (mestrado) and doctorate (doutorado). The most recent curriculum will appear under the 9999/9 option.



All courses are offered in Portuguese language. Most academic units accept exchange students with an A1 proficiency level. This may vary depending on the chosen courses. Please refer to our incoming students officer for more info.

A complimentary course in conversational Brazilian Portuguese is offered to all undergraduate exchange students.

Also available is the "Open to Community Language Course" (CLAC), which offers intensive and regular "Portuguese for Foreigners" courses (fees charged). Click here for more.


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