Summer School virtual organizada pelo Instituto de Etnologia da Universidade de Münster.

As inscrições encerram no dia 10 de agosto.

Evento em inglês. 

Seguem mensagem completa da Instituição em inglês:


"Dear students,


Join us online this summer at the University of Münster (WWU) and experience the virtual European Campus of Intercultural Perspectives (ECIP) – digital edition!

Intercultural competence has become an essential skill for all people involved, be it in working life abroad or in multicultural teams in one’s home country. But what is intercultural competence? What is a culture shock? What options are there to deal with intercultural misunderstandings? How does conflict resolution work?

The Institute of Ethnology [1] of the University of Münster and its longtime cooperation partner ESE [2] invite you to participate in this two-week intensive programme from 16.-27. August 2021 to address these questions. Participants will come together for three hours per day. There will be some extra events for students to meet and chat and to explore and enjoy Münster and the university online. No ready-made answers will be offered, instead we will investigate fundamental issues in intercultural encounters and analyse common stumbling-blocks in interaction in this globalized world.


Please find attached the programme flyer; further information and registration can also be found at: [3]


Application Deadline: August 10th 2021. Costs: 150€ (80€ for students of WWU’s partner universities)



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ECIP Summer School Team


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