The International Affairs Coordination is part of the UFRJ International Affairs Office (SCRI, acronym in Portuguese) and is responsible for leading the university's international politics.

With this aim, the International Affairs Coordination performs the following activities:

  • establishes cooperative relationships with foreign higher education institutions;
  • intermediates international agreements negotiations;
  • facilitate the dialogue between foreign higher education institutions and the UFRJ academic units;
  • publicizes international projects, exchange opportunities and scholarships;
  • manages projects designed to promote the international mobility inside the UFRJ;
  • and collaborates on the translation and interpretation of texts in foreign languages useful to carrying out the International Affairs Office tasks.

The UFRJ International Affairs Office and the academic units (schools, institutes, and faculties) work together for the advancement of the university's internationalization. As part of this combined effort, several directors of the UFRJ academic units appoint school representatives.

The roles played by these school representatives are essential for the university's internationalization and consist in disseminate information from the UFRJ International Affairs Office to the academic units, solve questions that may arise from professors and students, and receive foreign higher education institutions delegations.

The school representatives are also the best contacts to help prospective incoming students formulate their learning agreement.

Follows a list of the UFRJ school representatives.


Health Sciences Center


Institute of Psychiatry - IPUB

Profª Adriana Cardoso de Oliveira e Silva

Email: ;


Anna Nery Nursing School – EEAN

Prof. Marcus Vinicius Araújo Lopes



Martagão Gesteira Institute of Child Care and Pediatrics – IPPMG

Prof. Edimilson R. Migowski



Health Sciences Center International Representative

Prof. Alex Enrich Prast



Medical School

Profª Alicia Navarro



Professor Paulo de Góes Institute of Microbiology – IMPPG 

Prof. Andrew Macrae 

Email: ; 


School of Physical Education and Sports - EEFD 

Prof. Katya Gualter



Carlos Chagas Filho Institute of Biophysics - IBCCF

Profª Jennifer Lowe



Institute of Natural Products - NPPN

Profª Gilda Guimarães Leitão

Email: ;


Institute of Biological Sciences - ICB

Profª Helena Araujo



Center of Juridical and Economic Sciences


Law School

Prof. Marcos Vinicius Torres Pereira



International Relations Undergraduate Course

Profª Flávia Ferreira dos Santos



Faculty of Management and Accounting Sciences – FACC

Prof. Pierre Ohayon



COPPEAD Bussiness School

Profª Adriana Hilal 

Email: ;


Center of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


Institute of Chemistry

Prof. Rodrigo Souza

E-mail: ;


Institute of Geosciences - Geology

Profª Cícera Neysi de Almeida



Valongo's Observatory

Profª Karin Menéndez-Delmestre



Center of Philosophy and Human Sciences


Institute of History - IH

Prof. Murilo Sebe Bom Meihy



School of Communication - ECO

Prof. Octávio Aragão 



Faculty of Education

Profª Sonia Lopes, Profª Ana Prado & Prof. William Soares



Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences - IFCS

Profª Carla Francalanci





Center of Letters and Arts


Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism

Mrs. Eliane Magalhães da Silva



Faculty of Letters

Profª Danúsia Torres dos Santos



School of Fine Arts

Profª Kenny Neoob



Center of Technology


School of Chemistry

Prof. Papa Matar Ndiaye

Email: ;


Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering - COPPE 

Prof. Fernando Rochinha



Polytechnic School - POLI

Responsável de Relações Internacionais: Profª Anna Carla Araújo, 



Professora Eloisa Mano Institute of Macromolecules - IMA 

Profª Maria de Fátima Vieira Marques



Science and Culture Forum


National Museum

Profª Claudia Carvalho



Science Park 

Profª Denise Medina






UFRJ DRI - Diretoria de Relações Internacionais
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